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Jouwe Final Proto

Jouwe Proto

Jouwe proto

Figure Toys, will be launch in the midle of 2008, came from Indonesia, its Just a viction figure from some animal, came from Bandung West Java Indonesia, my friend is Arkiv also will be launch at the same year as mee, we wish we can play and be a warm stuff for you….. Jouwe at the first time live in Ujung Kulon Island, with his parents Plum and Bismarck, he run from Ujung Kulon caused he feel, he’s still young and know that the world is very wide to him, he can meet the people in all arround the world, and wanna searching some experience too, so he decide runing to the town, and hope can get many experience, explore and try anything in this world. now I released by Tummy Toys Indonesia, wanna meet the people in arround the world…yiiiipiiiiiii, “groumph,groumplh,groumplh blah.. blah” Jouwe Love you all…..
see my page at wanna
email me :,,

Who I’d like to meet:
Dunny, Kidrobot, Munny, Zoomies, Smorkin Labbits, Fatcaps, , Smorkin Mongers,, Gorillaz, Donuts, DOMA Acid Sweeties, Touma, Frank Kozik Bearbrick, Gorilaz, Kubrick, Ciboy, Marvel, Medicom, Kaws, evirob, Amos, Ugly Dolls, James Jarvis, Dalek and all the people all arround the world wanna make friends with all Jouwe Love you, love everyone. and wanna spread the Love in arround the world

Jouwe, Final Proto
Made by : Mytummyotys
Design & Artwork By : Rushead Filmansyah
Basic concept : Marine Ramdhani
Scupt & Model : Dira Suherman


Humping Crocoits


The scupt who making in our small backyard studio is a humping crocoits, there’s scuplt of two crocs was getting laid or paisted
together, we named Humping Crocoits, and someone American guys, from skullbrain forum was very intersted to have this proto, untill he buy it

its a first selling of our prototype..we (our) team is areally happy with this first deal, untill we decide this stuff can be sell to the market as a urban toys ort scuplt (Whatever the name is) for US$ 25 / pcs (you can choose the colour) or packaged 8 pcs US$120 (7 colour/like on the pic)
this humpng crocs is design by Lukman Gunawan
produced by Tummy Toys backyard workshop


PLUM…Jouwe’s Mom


Introducing Plum, Jouwe’s mother, a female Rhino with one cone, came from outher space, her space ship (B37-Earcut) was crash in Ujung Kulon Island…

now she with Bismarck go to the town to search Jouwe’s who run 1 month a go..

– PLUM –


Sharky Jouwe

Sharky Jouwe…tranformation artwork.



Lonely Jouwe…artwork (painting)

Lonely JOuwe

I feelin lonely now, sometimes I remember my family, in Krakatau mountain, (my mother Plum & my dad Bismarck), but this feeling is normal jouwe, if you leave or far from your family, you feel it must be have feeling like this.
and untill now the scuplt still not done, I really I wanna meet the people and all toys in the world
I love DC, I Love bandai Chogokin, I love Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Gundam and of course I love and wanna all vinyl toys in the world

Jouwe Love Everyone


Jouwe on clay material


the most interesting & difficult part to making a toy is scuplting, but we try hard to make this happen, different shape always come out when we we create the 3D visualisation


Bling Jouwe Bling

Bling-bling Jowue

Hey guys after I never came out for a week, I’m come back now and ready to go to Hip Hop club, in the town, ………”go get some chick Jouwe” the world is large enough for you….

and now my father is angry because is so long I’m not going back home..but I think he’s will be okay, and I cannot always hide beside of my dad in the rest of my live is it….this world is very very large wide and huge, especially for young guys like me


Jouwe Love you, love everyone