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Monik Celtic Graphics Compilation & Creature/Toys Exhibition at CCCL Surabaya

Actually We’re Just Begun…


After 10 years running by one of old Bandung Indonesian Clothing pioneer, for the first time finnally we try to making some compiled Graphics Exhibition, after almost 10 years, yesterdday (Saturday, Jan 19th, 2008) in French Culturel Center Surabaya organized by Rotten Apple this clothing Hanging more than 30 Drawing collection graphics pictures, who designed by Sir Dandy (Teenage Death Star Lead Voc), Anugerah Pratama, Lukman Gunawan, Mariskha Cempaka Dewi (additional Bassist of Rock n Roll Mafia) and Citra Remi Melati, and new 3D team who make A Dyno resin toys, yes we have hundred good quality graphics who created and designed by talented young artist and designer like Anugerah Pratama, Dito, Anggi and Mariska Cempaka Dewi (the girl and who won 1000 cover design competition by Concept magz) she draw something with had strong character on line that she draw, and Citra Remi, a designer who had full strength in Vektor technic draw

honest when they became 1 team, I feel this team is really strong make someone convidence this compiled Monikceltic graphics compilation is direct by one of best clothing fashion, Stylish, Art Director Mr. Dandi Achmad Ramdhani and Ms. Irmasari Yudawinata, they make some new Indonesian design revolution of new fresh drawing and raw design, and applicated in the product or adverstising. even is not a pure 100% art, we don’t care, look some people and me still called this and art-istic things.

actually is kind of weird many people ask “why you exhibited this is now..?? why not 2 years a go or, some people asking me about this space is not representated Monikceltic at all, maybe because the space/gallery is also using by music space, and full of the people who wacth the band perform in that space….and of corse people cannot focus more, like ussual in the xsome exhibition…well but everything goes well, the graphics and the statue still there untill the exhibition end, and some people still interested to watch or take of pictures in some artwork
I hope some people can inspired and get the message from this exhibition

sometimes some people who very involved in the business, blame them caused some of the drawing or they design is not more closer to the main area, and its hard to understand or is heavy to sold, or difficult to be understand by the market dot, but in the same time, they strong image can qreate a new and loyal fans who can tranformed to be a good and cleaver youngster and market..and this is what we called future main rail, a new main a new inspired, maybe this is not new or original, but its more fresh for some people who didn’t very involved in design or art scene, or for some people who strange with somethings new.

well this at the end we sure this is not the first for us, but we actually we’re just begun, we will come again, we need exhibit all this things because we have that the reason, and I believe we can doing this, that is my reason, but the important things is we have this, we have this quality, we have this skill, we have the good artwork, and qe can make it.

for more info about ths exhibition you can contact Rotten Apple Crew Surabaya
Thanks to Alex, Brahma, Vincent (CCCL Surabaya), Ipul, Bejouw and everyone in Surabaya, East Java..who make this our first exhibition happen…



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Jouwe Artwork on online blog screen

Balh Blah Blah

Jouwe just Jouwe, Indonesian Urban Vinyl Toys

Soon…this creature will be launch in the midle of 2008, in Bandung Indonesia….now stilll in the midle of researching the 3D shape, and learn how to make 2d design expresion to 3D, we using resin and oli paint for making the first limited 12″ series, our exhibition its supposed happen this year but let see what happen, we will make 3″, 8″ and 12″, the exhibition it will be happen after we have enough portofolio with different artwork, design and model, the art of tranformation, changing the shape from A into Z is not a easy to make it, and we still have much time to doing this.

Blah blah blah………..
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Jouwe Indonesian Urban Toys


Hi my name is Jouwe, I predict I will born in this year, I don’t who and what I am, i hope I can be playfull and enjoy our world, I can be something or I can be nothing, and sometimes I’m something or nothing. I can live in my fiction world, or real world.

groumplh, groumplh, groumplh, blah, blah, blah